I am really young in the blogging world, I am a 7 months old baby, just born. Nevertheless, I have had enough time to notice, in myself and some others, that much of the writing out there happens as a way to deal with stress.

The posts I receive in my RSS reader from regular people who write stuffs in their personal blog can be organized in one of three categories: (i) technical guides on how to do something, (ii) anger after a negative experience, and (iii) a log of our problems and pain.

Technical guides are just a nice distraction, where we can excel at out knowledge. It feels good writing them knowing that it may help others.

In the second category I find posts like this one when I got flagged from GitHub, or this other from Manuel Moreale when Clients don't know their budgets. The former got solved some days before I wrote about it, and the latter is clear annoyance because if it would have be me, I really do not know what is the price of a website, so I do not have a budget for it (just to cite two examples at hand right now).

Also, I am a clear example of the third category, writing 18 posts between April and May, that’s more than what I wrote in the other five months. And this is not a random event, it is the consequence of me being highly stressed with the amount of time I am dedicating to a job which is not returning back in value the efforts made, and which future is uncertain. This is reflect of me searching for meaning in the world.

According to what I have experienced, there is so much writing out there, and myself the first, where the motive is to complain about something. And there is nothing wrong about it. However, I would personally like to change a little bit the approach, and focus the thinking process not in angrily writing, but in a constructive and creative way to do it. I suppose that’s what separate us from writers and artists, they are capable to create something which transmits their feelings to other people, which is hugely different from just complaining.

Let’s see how I do.

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