On many occasions, not to be absolutist and to say all, I have hit the hard wall of reality built with those bricks made of the realization that something I have previously published is no longer valid, is no longer what I think, turned out not to be as I dared to predict: that, in short, my views have evolved.

And my question is then: should we let the writings rest for some time, months perhaps, and then come back to them with a more critical look, with more data on the subject, with more maturity of thought, and finally evaluate if they are all the right they need to be to share with the world? Or should we publish in the heat of the moment, show our emotions as vividly as possible, and thus draw with the passage of time the path that has brought us to the point where we are?

Because I see today, on the anniversary date where it is exactly one year since the first publication in this blog, with clarity the road traveled, I can only wonder if this is not the sign that alerts where the personal is separated from the public, the correct from the speculation?

What do you think?

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