This is a follow up on the post from a week ago, A storm is coming. And worry not (xd), changes are going to be subtle.

I tried WordPress and it was easy to work with indeed, but to do anything I needed a plugin, and then that plugin collected something, and then I had to write that on the privacy policy, and then I had to make sure that policy was correct and accurate, and I don’t know how. And probably most of us don’t know how to redact a privacy policy, because we are not lawyers, and probably lawyers are not even sure how to correctly do it, because the law is quite extensive. And we don’t need just to comply with one, but with all the privacy laws from the world at the same time.

In the end what looked to me from the outside as an easier solution, turned out to be somehow complex in terms of law compliance, security, and flexibility.

Therefore, I decided to dedicate a week to improve the aesthetics of the blog, and change nothing more. It’s not worth it.

You can judge the results by yourself (visit the blog if you read throughout RSS), and any feedback is welcome.

Thanks a lot Fabian and ForeverLikeTH for your encouraging messages!

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