After being employing the approaches exposed all along the series “Building a Second Brain with Emacs and Obsidian” for a few weeks, I have some final thoughts and re-directions to share.

Tiago Forte proposed four categories most people fit in, in agreement with their personalities, and each of these personalities identify better with certain apps than with others: Architect (Notion), Gardener (Roam), Librarian (Evernote), and Student (Apple Notes). The style you resonate most with should be your choice —he argues.

However, I have come to realize that the nature of the work you are doing has a great influence on the right choice of the app. It is a mix of your personality and the current needs you have what will make you feel comfortable with one app and not with another. Of course that different people using different apps can achieve similar results, as well as people just using pen and paper, or even worst Microsoft Word. 😜

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Initially I recommended Obsidian, as it was my choice for managing non-actionable items. This has changed 🫣. I felt uncomfortable… why? Because every time I entered I had a blank page in front of me to fill, and at the end I was not having the projects in front of me all the time, I wasn’t feeling them almost palpable, I wasn’t able to touch them. The sidebar was not enough, not fit to my likes.

So I gave a try to Anytype, which would in theory allow me to construct the layouts, have each item in front of me whenever I needed them, make them palpable… and it did. I have found very comfortable the use of Anytype, making it, I dare to say, the only app I have felt completely comfortable with.

All the other points I have mentioned along the series remain active… so far.

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