I know it, a storm is coming. And a lot of things are going to change in the coming months.

We will most likely have to move away when either of us find a new job, and in that case it is almost a certainty that the other will have no job at all, because of the scarcity in the sector. I wish it were C- who finds the job, and therefore it were me who gets unemployed for a while, because I want to redirect a little bit my work life, and that would be the perfect justification, having the free time to engage in other projects. However, I see disillusioned people (with their jobs) everywhere, and then I wonder: Am I thinking clearly? Is it the right move to throw away everything I have achieved? And the answer seems, every single time, Yes.

I have been in pain having to go to work and do what is expected from me to do, and not what I feel we need to do. I felt enchained to that chair doing some bullshit stuffs nobody cares about, and it hurts to waste the time like that, when there is so much more we could be doing. But hey, I have got no more power on what we do or don’t, and it is a systematic problem, not even from project’s direction. Until we recover the ability to decide where to go, I’m afraid we are in pause.

Since I finished my PhD last year I started this blog, pick the most appropriate name among those which came to my mind, and started writing just because I like it. It has been of a huge help during this time, and I have found relief on these pages: writing them, sharing them, tweaking with the site configuration, etc. Sadly, there is always a BUT, right?

I gave myself one year for the blog to be self-sustainable, and the method I choose for this was throughout donations (time set aside, it is only $6 a month). I know what I do here is not worth a penny, but you know, hope is the last thing a human being lost. Se here we are, the domain name seller is remaindering me that the domain name poview is due in 30 days for its year subscription. It is time then to make the balance sheet, and the balance was completely sloped to the expenses.


  1. I would like to write more, and not just tweak the configuration of the blog. Which is not really an option with Hugo and my personality.
  2. I would like to express myself, not just write. Expression is only achieved in my mother tongue, Spanish. In English I just write, I cannot use literary resources, nor make use of a deep vocabulary.
  3. I would like the design of the blog to be more modern an minimal.
⋇ ⋇ ⋇

I have started a newsletter in Substack called El Balcón. There I have been writing in Spanish, and it will remain that way. I have really enjoyed how it feels to return to that time when I used to write in convoluted ways, when I could express myself, and people really liked it, when I could be authentic. Being authentic is probably the only way we have to show the beauty in what we do, and that is, for me, writing in Spanish and using that old and forgotten convoluted style characteristic of writers from the Caribbean.

For those reasons, I think over here the boat is also going to move, and a lot. I am thinking, now my 1 year experiment is ending, if I should focus in what I like. I’m thinking:

  1. To move to WordPress, and obtain a more modern interface and out of the box experience.
  2. Change the domain name to something that represents better my new intentions.
  3. Keep what it is now poview in an open and accessible subdomain. I know there is this saying that cool domains are those who doesn’t change, but it is just that, a trend, at least for me.
  4. Make a category in the WordPress site called “English”. That way, even if the site would be mostly written in Spanish, people actively following what I am writing here can subscribe to the RSS and get a notification every time I happen to write something in English.

So this won’t be a pop-up newsletter, but a pop-up blog.

⋇ ⋇ ⋇

I have made, a few days ago, a similar statement in the Spanish language section of this blog. There I announced that from now on, new Spanish content (history telling like) will be on the newsletter, and the activity here will decrease a lot as consequence. Finally, I asked for opinions, and got nothing back. I suppose I can therefore safely rescind the Spanish language of the blog.

I would really appreciate your opinion on all the ideas I have expressed here, all the plans I have, and mostly where you think I am wrong. This feedback would really help me to ease all the ideas that keep flowing to my mind. If you fell like it, use the link below.

⋇ ⋇ ⋇ ⋇ ⋇

Thanks for reading the post! Do not hesitate to write me an email, and share your point of view 😉: contact@poview.org