Hello there everybody! Happy to share this third edition of the weekly review. Check out what I have really been doing NOW 😉.

Highlight of the week

Work of the week (accountability)

  • On Monday I found this video from Ali Abdaal's podcast on how business are built. A lot of nice tips and points of view I found really interesting.
  • I have been searching for small start-ups I could be part of, and have applied to some of them.
  • Some work on a literature review I need to carry out in a subject we are working on right now. It’s about some reaction mechanisms we have identified in the catalytic process of storage of Hydrogen using these new Ruthenium based catalysts.


Here some photos I have taken this week, and which I have been releasing in Mastodon.

A picture describing: https://poview.org/now/20231111-week-review/photos/ducks.webp


A picture describing: https://poview.org/now/20231111-week-review/photos/fall.webp


A picture describing: https://poview.org/now/20231111-week-review/photos/hidden.webp


A picture describing: https://poview.org/now/20231111-week-review/photos/light.webp


A picture describing: https://poview.org/now/20231111-week-review/photos/palace.webp


A picture describing: https://poview.org/now/20231111-week-review/photos/pigeon.webp


A picture describing: https://poview.org/now/20231111-week-review/photos/swan.webp



Not much this week, actually nothing.


  • The Killer: This one was suggested for a friend who knows a lot about movies. He hasn’t seen it yet, but because it is a David Fincher’s film he told me there was no chance it wasn’t a good one. I don’t know who David Fincher is, I have always been extremely bad at remembering actors and directors and stuffs, so I just accepted the recommendation. It’s not a bad movie, but I wouldn’t recommend it neither.
  • Insomnia: Great movie. Most than recommended. Go watch it!
  • Oppenheimer: Exceptional movie, highly recommended.

The following two movies I saw a few months ago, but I would like to recommend them now. They can be watched instead of The Killer.

Se there you go. Some nice recommendations for the week. Keep me posted on your preferred ones.


I have taken shelter this week in a Cuban group named Buena Fé. Mostly on their last album “Morada” (abode in English).

Sé que he llegado a casa
Si los instintos inconformes han dejado de buscar
Pozos donde se ahogue mi sed
(…) Su amor es mi morada
Una armadura que simula ser herrumbe pero yo la sé dorada
Su amor es mi morada
La predicción más eficiente cuando advierte madrigal o puñalada
Su amor es mi morada
La libertad que solamente va completa si a su libertad aclara
No posa de incondicional petrificada
Diseña pasos aun después de pisoteada
Sobre el abismo no promete ser las alas
Si caigo cae la cosa no es tan complicada
Su amor es mi morada