Hello there everybody! Happy to share this second edition of the weekly review I started doing… wait for it… last week. Check out what I have really been doing NOW 😉.

Highlight of the week

You absolutely need to read this essay by John P. Weiss: To Know Ecstasy You Have to Know Despair.

Work of the week (accountability)

  • I feel like I have done a ton this week, I have been writing and reading a lot.
  • On Monday I found this post talking about how to build a second brain using Emacs and Evernote, Implementing A Second Brain in Emacs and Org-Mode, and it was everything I needed to realize that Emacs is not perfectly suited to distill, link, and discover notes, so it must be mostly employed for what it excels at: everything else. 😜
    • This gave me some ideas to share my realization, and I am planing a series on the subject, so stay tuned (or run and hide jejeje).
  • I spent 11 hours and 38 minutes reading and taking notes on the book Building a Second Brain. It was worth it.
  • I wrote a post about Social Media, it is also referenced in the section below. It took me 4 hours 46 minutes. 🫠
  • I spent 3 hours and 10 minutes in work related stuffs 🫣. In my defense… fuck it… I just dedicated to other more appealing stuffs.
  • Finally, this review took me 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Social Media

A few days ago my partner showed me a video on LinkedIn, that made me change the way I see Social Media, in fact I wrote a post about it. From there, understanding that it’s just a business, I have created an account in Twitter and another in Mastodon. Twitter I don’t like. Mastodon is much better. I think publishing photos is the best use I can give it, supplying the need I have for a place to do so. And you may ask, what about the Gallery? The issue with it is that I cant make visible what is new and what is old, and also would like to put photos in context (when applicable). Anyway, that’s just a thought. Let’s see what happens.

By the way, I will need to start looking for a new job very soon, because my current contract ends in February, and someone suggested me to open a LinkedIn account. So I did it, and although I felt inclined to populate the most important fields to get accurate recommendations, I didn’t feel comfortable, nor agree to, giving away that much personal information about me. So I am getting a bunch of emails at an alias account, suggesting people I might now at the Irvine University in Biology… I suppose that’s not the idea of a LinkedIn account, because I have never been at Irvine, and have never studied biology. 😜

It feels extremely bizarre to put a photo of myself out there, I don’t know why, at the end nobody cares… or do they? It’s probably because of the privacy issues, and I'm no the only one. In the mean time, which I hope extends for years to come, the profile picture in Mastodon is a nice solution… I think.


  • Started reading “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.


  • Reptile: I really like it. It’s similar to many other films of the genre, but has plenty of twists. The cast perform well, and the photography was exceptional. I’d recommend it.
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once: This was another really nice film. It’s a little bizarre, but I don’t regret seeing it.
  • A Haunting in Venice: Another nice one.

I liked Reptile better.


I am from the Caribbean, and yes, I like Bad Bunny. So this week I have been listening to some of the new album songs. I downloaded them to my phone, because I don’t use Spotify that much… probably being a buccaneer is not right, but what is it?

Here some lines of “Nadie Sabe” (Nobody knows) which I like… and yes, of course they are superfluous, its what they are meant for, its Caribbean Trap you know, it’s all about saying how much one is better than the others

No es decir que eres real, es demostrarlo
No es decir: Soy el mejor, hay que probarlo
No es hacer dinero, mi amor, es multiplicarlo

And in English it would translate into something like this, but of course it will never be same when you change the language… anyway

It’s not saying you’re real, it’s proving it.
It’s not saying: I’m the best, it’s proving it.
It’s not about making money, my love, it’s about multiplying it.