This week I have been tweaking the Blog, and I am pretty satisfied with the results. Among the improvements I have made, these are the highlights:

  • Changed the Home Page of the Blog to improve the discoverability of the content.
  • Implement true, and multilingual, backlinks for the “posts” and “now” pages.
  • Implemented this new “Now” pages, with the intention to update them regularly as a weekly or monthly review of my work.
  • Changed the CSS style of the links in the Posts Content, which were using pseudo elements and did not spawned across multiple lines. With the invaluable help of Manuel Moreale now I am using gradients for the links styles. As a side note, I found that text-decoration doesn’t work correctly with Chromium based browsers.
  • The heading anchors have been modified to show now the heading level on hoover, instead of the # symbol they did before.
  • Wrote a page dedicated only to describe what RSS is and to list most feeds in this blog.