As a human being

  • Seeking for interesting blogs out there to read (send me yours).
  • Investing so much time in this blog writings and setup.
  • Enjoying the Journal pages in Logseq and the organized chaos they recreate.
  • Trying to redirect life in agreement with Essentialism and Hell yeah or no mantras. Although it is not easy to cast off.
  • Turning the corner in a reflective period about what really matter and what doesn’t.
  • Taking pictures around the city, and some times sharing them in some blog posts.


  • Researching on the use of Ru based catalysts for Hydrogen storage and transportation, from a theoretical point of view (DFT and Gaussian).
  • Also keep with the old project about the study of efficient organocatalysts for efficient asymmetric C-C bond forming reactions, also with DFT and Gaussian.
  • I would like to do some scientific coding, but it’s not needed for my current projects.


  • Currently re-reading “Cien años de soledad” from Gabriel García Marquez.
  • Finishing “Patria” from Fernando Aramburu.
  • Started “El color del verano” from Reinaldo Arenas, but this is definitely not his time.

Want to read

  • The black swan, from Nassim Nicholas.
  • Antifragil, from Nassim Nicholas.

But they are really text books for life, not simple novels.


  • Kamankola
  • The Album Indigo, from RM.
  • Hail to the Victor, from Thirty Seconds to Mars.
  • Yo soy el punto cubano, from David Blanco.
  • Stairway to heaven, from Buena Vista Social Club.
  • A la muerte, from Buena Fé.
  • Yo me vi y El bobo, from Ricardo Arjona.
  • Raúl Paz.

This Now page follows the trend by Derek Sivers.