If you are here, probably you scroll the home page all the way down, and nothing you saw convinced you. If that’s the case, find here the final notes, the very last links to free you up and move forward.

I’ll read it

If you have a blog, are just starting out, don’t have many readers, or just want to, you can send me an email and I’ll be one of your (first) readers. I’d fell proud of our confidence, and I’m always looking for interesting people in the most hidden corners of the Internet. See more information about this topic in the post I'll read it.

Other resources

You can see a list of resources here. Software I use, books I’ve liked, etc.


I always get very excited when I discover a new blog with interesting writing and stuffs. To pass that excitement on to you I’m going to list a few blogs, but you can find a complete list of all the projects I follow at this file (or on my personal Git server).

In English

In Spanish

You can also take a walk through El Bosque, or see more at Blogroll.org.


I once made this page, and after the reorganization of the website I couldn’t find where to put it. So I’m leaving it over here, in case you want to share expenses.