Hi, I’m Yaidel, a Nuclear Engineer graduated with a thesis in Molecular Dynamics, and more recently with a PhD in Computational Chemistry.

I like to write stuffs and take photos in my free time. Although in reality I spend it reading about health and wellness, online privacy, a bit of Science, Emacs, Linux and Free software in general. I hope more productive years are yet to come 😄.

Right at the end of the turbulent final stage of the PhD (December 2022), I decided to create a website where I could publish articles, this time not strictly scientific, but more in line with what I think about the different topics of my interest… and here we are.

Where to find me?

Check out the Contact page or the links in the Home page.


I am currently involved in a Post-doc also in Computational Chemistry, which consumes most of my time. Nevertheless, I have decided to find a space in my day to dedicate it to other projects, like this Blog, for example.