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We have started the Blog in January 2023, and although ideally we would like to have some consistency with the publications, at some point this may not be possible.

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Latest posts

My opinion about ChatGPT

What we call today Artificial Intelligence is just a tool, like any other, and it can be safety used to make easier many activities. For example, it can be used for translating some text, or for processing a voice input and returning what it’s been asked for (like music), and many other things.

Random fingerprint in Firefox with JShelter

Since my relationship with the Internet began, around 2014, I had always used Firefox as default browser. I had always used it with the basic configuration that It comes by default, however, at the beginning of 2020 I began to be interested in privacy issues, security online and free software,1 which induced a change in the configuration of the broweser to the settings recommended by Privacy Tools in the beginning, and then the recommended by Privacy Guides (due to the problems in Privacy Tools around 2021).

Fixing the "Zotero Connector Unavailable" error in Brave

Zotero is a free software1 whose main functionality is the collection, organization, management and use of bibliographic citations. Zotero provides an extension for web browsers that allows, provided an instance of it exists active, send the current page from the browser directly to the last active collection in Zotero.