Welcome to our Blog. Here we plan to write about our point of view regarding different topics that attract our attention in our day to day, and which we want to give our opinion about. But most of all, write. For such reason, the content that you will find here is the product of our ideas and does not reflect opinions or interests of no One else’s.

We have started the Blog in January 2023, and although ideally we would like to have some consistency with the publications, at some point this may not be possible.

In any case, we hope that the content you find here is to your liking.

Latest posts

Installing Grocy in a VPS

I had been trying to install Grocy in my Debian VPS1 for a week with no success. After several failed attempts, today I have finally made it. In the beginning I followed the guide in the documentation and the guide pined in Reddit (link), but it did not work: some HTTP 500 Error or something like that.

My experience with a Zettelkasten

The most difficult part of building a Zettelkasten is that you never know if it is going to work. I started to build mine around a year ago, and it is still not functional at all. In short, a Zettelkasten is a method capable to store basic units of your knowledge, interconnect them, and produce new ideas.

Guidelines for writing a scientific paper

This blog post is a compilation of information, and my personal experiences on the process writing a scientific paper. The tips here contained exist only because I think they could be useful, and not because they have been extensively tested by me. Starting from scratch At some point after certain amount of work, you may end up with a message to share which is telling something potentially new and interesting.